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Highly concentrated Green Seal™ certified E-Cleaner is available in a one-gallon container and is effective for all routine cleaning jobs. It can be used for damp mopping, scrubbing, spray and wipe cleaning, or with a hand bucket and cloth.

Coverage Rates:Initial Cleaning – one gallon for every 2,000-square-feet of rubber (15-square-feet per ounce)

E-TAK 99

E-TAK 99 is a premium, pressure sensitive, multi-flooring adhesive and plasticizer migration blocker. E-TAK 99 can be used with LVT, 2mm Sheet Vinyl, and VCR Sound Control Underlayments (Sound Reducer). E-TAK 99 can be used for pressure sensitive installations (tacky) or for wet/semi-wet installations.

Coverage Rates:
  • Porous/Rough Substrate: 1/16” sq. notch; 150 SF/gal
  • Non-Porous/Smooth Substrate: 1/16” x 1/32” x 1/32” U-notch; 210 SF/gal

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E-Grip III
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E-Grip III is a revolutionary zero-VOC, low odor, one-component urethane adhesive formulated for use with Ecore surfaces. It features improved tack properties, helping to keep seams tight. E-Grip III has been specifically engineered to be solvent-free. With a moisture-cured, no-mix, non-sag and permanently elastic formula, it provides excellent adhesion to elastomers, concrete, and wood in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Coverage Rates:
  • 120-square-feet/gallon – 1/16-inch by 1/32-inch by 5/64-inch U notch trowel
  • 95-square-feet/gallon – 1/16-inch by 1/16-inch by 1/16-inch square notch trowel
  • 60-square-feet/gallon – 1/8-inch by 1/8-inch by 1/8-inch square notch trowel

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Fast acting with low odor, E-Strip removes multiple layers of finish, without harsh alkalies and other conventional components. E-Strip is available in a one-gallon container.

Coverage Rates:Heavy Soil Removal = one gallon for every 1,250-square-feet of rubber (10-square-feet per ounce)

E-Finish Buy Now!

Creating a new standard in floor finishing, E-Finish combines an unequaled level of environmental preference with performance, surpassing conventional floor finishing technologies. It gives a tough, black-mark resistant shine with no powdering. E-Finish excels with all maintenance systems, including scrub and recoat, spray buff, and burnish. It contains no Polymers or Urethane and meets ASTM D2047-93 requirements for slip resistance.

Interlocking Turf Transition

Interlocking transition for use with Interval Turf interlocking turf tile. Great for room openings or when area mat installations are required.

Size Options:
  • 46" x 12" x ¾"

Please contact customer service to order: 800-536-9007 or


For Elite Tile. These transition strips are 1 by 4 by 48-inches for non-ADA required applications.

Please contact customer service to order: 800-536-9007 or

1-Inch Quad Blok Interlocking Connector

Quad Blok Interlocking Connectors are used with 1-inch molded tiles. These connectors feature precisely located openings that interface with the corner leg understructure of molded tiles for a reliable easy-down/easy-up installation.

  • 12mm x 4.74” x 4.74”

Please contact customer service to order: 800-536-9007 or

Straight Edge Transition

Straight transition for use with Interval Turf and Fastrack. For interlocking turf tile, straight transitions are available for a more finished look after trimming tabs from tile edge.

Size Options:
  • 48" x 4" x ¾"

Please contact customer service to order: 800-536-9007 or

ADA Ramps

For Elite Tile. ADA Ramps are available to make the transition between spaces easier and ADA compliant. Ramps are available in 1 by 12 by 48-inches.

Please contact customer service to order: 800-536-9007 or

Perimeter Isolation Strips

Our perimeter isolation strips consist of expanded, closed cell, plank, polyethylene foam that meets ASTM D 1056 and ASTM D 3575 standards. This accessory is an economical, lightweight, flexible, compressible, resilient, non-absorbent, and inherent bond breaker that minimizes lateral sound transmission.

Perimeter Isolation Strips are 6mm thick x 2.5" wide and are sold in 50LF rolls.

Please contact customer service to order: 800-536-9007 or

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