Flooring 101
by Gregg Maloley

Part 2 of a 2-part Feature Article
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Last month we focused on our flooring 101 article on entry and transition areas, front desk and juice bar areas, childcare areas and locker rooms. This month the article continues with Free Weight Room, Selectorized Room, Cardio equipment room, Group X studio, Spinning/Pilates room, and Sports areas.

Free Weight Room
Rubber flooring has long been the staple in free-weight areas due to its ability to hold up to the wear-and-tear of heavy dumbbells. Because clubs increasingly are choosing "green products, recycled rubber is an appealing, environmentally friendly option. Rubber comes in rolls, tiles, or interlocking.

Some buyers may think that rubber only comes in black, but we have over 50 color shades to choose from. Product Suggestions: Rubberflex S; Rubberflex Elite; Decora; Ecoflor.

Cardio Room
In the 80's carpet was the choice flooring. Today the offering is vast. From higher percentage EPDM roll goods to products such as Polypropylene or Vinyl tiles. Keys to consider are products that are anti-microbial, water and stain resistant. Product Suggestions: Sport Weave; Bolon, or Rubberflex S.

Selectorized Equipment Room
In the more inviting and less muscle-eccentric environment of the selectorized weight equipment room, a polypropylene or vinyl tile can be a better alternative to the harsher appearance of rubber. These products can not only be warm, comforting and vibrant, they also offer an acoustic value leading to a quieter atmosphere. Product Suggestions: Sport Weave or Bolon

Group X Room
For many years wood has been the norm in many group x rooms. A wood system that includes foam padding for user resiliency and safety is mandatory. Pair a beautiful wood room with the proper lighting and the group x studio can become the visual showcase of the facility.

Today with the introduction of barbells, dumbbells, kettle balls, etc. into the group x room many facilities are utilizing poured floors or synthetic surfaces. These floor coverings offer ease of maintenance without sacrificing user safety. Product Suggestions: Boflex wood sport floor system; Gymlastic, or G-Court.

Sports Areas
When it comes to basketball, volleyball, squash and racquetball courts, most facility owners utilize a cushioned wood and floating floor system. This type of floor works well over the years because it is both user safe and provides the proper ball rebound.

Alternatives to the floating cushioned wood floor include both poured seamless floors and synthetic vinyl/foam floors. These floors afford user safety, ease of maintenance and multi-purpose sport flexibility. Product Suggestions: Boflex, Gymlastic, or G-Court.


  "A good rule of thumb for delegating the appropriate floor surface to the appropriate area is the more traffic, the harder and more durable the flooring should be. The wetter the areas, the less porous a surface should be. The noisier the room, the more sound-absorbing the flooring should be".

Please review a partial listing of our more popular flooring products. Click on a product to view more details:

Bolon: BKB & Eight

  • Features a warm, carpet look
  • Many colors to choose from, BKB ribbed look and Eight plain weave
  • Easily cleaned
  • Great warranty: 5 years
  • Slip resistant and waterproof
  • Chemical-and bacteria-resistant
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • Environmentally sound
  • Use in all areas of fitness club (except free weight room)
Sport Weave
  • Comfortable appearance of carpet; versatility of rubber
  • Features color and patterns
  • Can be used in free weight, selectorized and cardio areas. Also, ideal for entry ways, offices, tanning rooms, locker rooms, and more.
  • Anti-microbial and fast drying
  • Repels moisture
  • Won’t find rust or dent marks being left behind when moving equipment
  • Easily repels stains
  • Due to its needle punching method of polypropylene materials into bitumen backing it can be cut into patterns, curves, borders, and logos without fraying
  • Will not zipper or tear like nylon based carpet
  • Can be self-installed
  • 7-year abrasive wear warranty- Industry Best
  • Low profile
  • D.I.N. certified
  • #1 in shock absorption
  • 70% more dimensionally stable than competition
  • Floating floor with top layer of Maple, Oak, or Ash
  • Utilizes evazoate foam channels under board
  • Tested with 45,000lb. loads without loss of resiliency
  • Double tongue groove connection points-utilize glue, no nails
  • Pre-finished at factory with 6- layers of polyurethane
  • 5- year warranty

Rubberflex S- Rubber
  • Highly resilient
  • ADA compliant for slip resistance
  • #1 ranked recycled rolled rubber product in the U.S.
  • 4’ wide rolls
  • Standard and custom fleck colors
  • 5- year warranty

Rubberflex Elite
  • 24” x 24” x 1” solid rubber tile
  • All black, 20% color fleck or 95% color fleck top surface
  • Permanent or portable application
  • Custom fleck available
  • Extremely durable and offers sound proofing
Xtreme Court
  • Economical multi- purpose floor.
  • High impact polypropylene color tiles
  • 12” x 12” x ∏”
  • Completely portable floor with 12 available colors.
  • 5- year warranty
  • Artificial turf product
  • No infill required
  • Features a patented layering system and a modular design
  • Adaptable to all sports; ages; sizes, and weights
  • Safest product on the market
  • Easy installation as product is supplied in 15’ rolls.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multi-layered system comprised of a rubber granulate base covered with 4-layers of polyurethane.
  • Seamless floor installation
  • Provides excellent shock absorption, sound absorption, and durability.
  • Superior mechanical strength and low-maintenance flooring system.
  • 11- standard colors
  • 5- year abusive wear warranty.
  • Manufactured using virgin and first grade recycled components
  • Ecoflor is specially formulated for extreme resistance to cuts, punctures, and tears.
  • High density and excellent elasticity
  • Many vibrant colors to choose from, all with a hammertone, polished look.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Vinyl synthetic top layer with attached closed cell foam pad
  • Comes in colors and simulated wood grain
  • 6.75mm or 8mm thickness
  • Ideal for multi purpose, aerobics, and sport court surfaces
  • Very durable and easily maintained
  • 5- year warranty.

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